Ralf Seeger’s Heros for Animals


This small but special task force of tough men and women, often with a “wild look,” have a soft side… and big hearts for animals.

After being involved in private animal welfare for more than 25 years (alongside other things, such as being a professional athlete – boxer, kick boxer and free fighter, model, actor and body guard) Ralf Seeger founded the club “Heroes for Animals – Animal Care International” in late 2011.

Andreas Wirth and Ralf Seeger became acquainted as a result of their mutual friendship with professional boxer, Firat Arslan. With Andreas’ love of animals it was a natural next step that he try to help in some small way and show his support for animals and Ralf’s passion.

The suffering and misery among animals – both in foreign countries as well as in Germany is still unfortunately a very large problem. Heroes for Animals is driven to help alleviate the suffering and ask for your help to make it possible.  Please show your support by following the links on this page – learn more, donate, become a member, get involved, purchase from the AW Race Shop, help gather food donations, spread the word about this worthy charity on Facebook and Twitter … every tiny act of kindness can help make a difference.